Choosing the best Baby Monitor

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A baby monitor is a very important purchase when you are getting ready for your newborn to arrive.  The peace of mind a monitor can provide is invaluable.  However, not all baby monitors are created equal.  There are monitors that are only sound, some with video, and some with two-way voice.  They come in many shapes, sizes, and prices.  I … Read More

My Wife Isn’t Who I Married

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I love my wife with everything that I have.  I’d be lying if I said she was the same person I married.  I’d being lying if I said things haven’t changed between us.  You see… my wife became a mom.  That doesn’t mean she is a mom during daytime hours and wife the rest of the time.  She is a … Read More

Dad’s Guide to Doctor Appointments

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So, your wife is pregnant. She’s excited, you’re excited, and you have good reason to be. One of the biggest things people struggle with, or at least I did, was whether I needed to be at the baby appointments. We went back and forth for a while, trying to decide. Can I get work off? Do I need to be … Read More

How to Ace his first Father’s Day

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If you have a new little one, then you also have a Father’s Day to celebrate! Father’s days seems to fall to the wayside a little, in comparison to Mother’s Day and that’s ok.  However, I believe it should be recognized even if in a small way. Here are some things I personally am hoping for on my First Father’s … Read More

5 Items to Buy Your Pregnant Wife

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If you’ve made it to this post, Congrats.  A loved one is carrying new life and you are trying to ease the process.  My wife wanted many things during her pregnancy; food, a new house, 20 new puppies, clothes, pretty much anything you can think of that has ever crossed a woman’s mind.  However, below I have laid out the … Read More