Fishing with limited time

I am from a small farm town, so fishing is very common amongst most families.  Which can mean that you are fighting for spots if you go during prime times of the day.  Here are some tips for everyone and especially Dad’s on a time crunch.

  1. Find your “spot”. Most days I don’t have more than an hour to get out and do a little fishing.  It’s best to know where you’re going and how you are going to fish that spot.  This saves time driving between spots and getting setup.  I have my poles rigged before I leave the house and can pull up and cast.
  2. Skip the live bait. This one some people don’t like.  However, I primarily only Bass fish, so using stick baits, jigs, craws etc… is the way to go anyway.  Once again this is a time saver and also gets rid of the monetary value every single time you want to fish.  Sure there is an initial investment to get your tackle box going, but you don’t have the constant nickel and diming to stop and buy worms/minnows or whatever you would normally use.
  3. Ask around. As many fishermen know, a private pond can be some of the best fishing.  If you know someone with a pond, shoot them a message and see if you can fish there.  Ask friends and family if they know someone.  You never know, and you could end up with a spot that is all yours.
  4. Try to include the family. You may feel guilty going out solo fishing when your wife is at home with the kids, or even just home alone.  Including them can go a long way.  Whether they enjoy themselves or not they will be happy to be invited.  Eventually they can decide whether they want to tag along or not, but by that point they will know they are more than welcome, and that you are happy to have them.

Thanks, for checking out some of my simple tips to get a little more fishing in your life.  Below I have linked some of my favorite purchases from Amazon! My go to which is a soft swim bait, and also a very life like Hard swim bait!  Enjoy!  Feel free to comment what you use in a pinch, or what your go to bait is!


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