Day 1: I’m a Dad!

Huh, what a feeling.  Today I became a father and I am thrilled.  Can’t really explain the emotion, it’s overwhelmingly positive with just a hint of terror.  Being responsible for such a small human, my human, is a scary thought. Plus, you do it with no sleep!  Every hour or so the come poke and prod at my wife, my daughter sleeps in a plastic tub next to us.  I wish someone would’ve told me all I needed was a plastic tub, I would’ve saved soooooo much money.

As the day goes on family and friends start to trickle in and this where the pride starts to hit you.  You feel like you got 1st place at the science fair and want to show off your project.  Listening to everyone tell you how beautiful your baby is and seeing their eyes light up is very rewarding.

Today is also the day, when you realize you love your wife more than you thought possible.  From the first minute our baby arrived she knew exactly what to do.  From nursing to cuddling to just continuous affection.  It was all so natural and it just confirms all the decisions up to this point.  You love her, but even more you love what she is going to do for your child.  She is going to be absolutely everything for our daughter and for that I can never repay her. Day 1 is a good day.

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