Interacting with Baby (6 Weeks)

Interacting with baby is a new experience at all times, here is how my typical day goes.

I get home from work at 3:40 P.M. almost every day.  Coincidentally my daughter starts screaming at 3:45 P.M. Every. Day.

Many men, including myself came to believe they were causing this sudden uproar or that their child didn’t like them.  However, you shouldn’t be alarmed! Early evening is a very common time for newborn to early infancy to be extremely fussy.  Whether it’s you coming home and causing extra stimulation, or they are just grumpy from the day, just remember it’s not your fault.

If your baby is awake, you need to interact with them.

Screaming? Take the baby.  

Grump face? Take the baby.

Smiley and happy? Definitely take the baby.

Just pooped all the way up their back? Take the baby.

You get it, this is a crucial time for you and your loved one to bond with your child.  They are growing rapidly and recognizing you more and more every day.

Watch as their eyes follow you across the room.  

Did you make a funny noise 4 days ago and it made them smile?  Keep trying it.

Bonding is very important and you don’t want to miss out on those special moments.

If you are like me and you work full-time and your wife is breastfeeding, you get from dinner to bed time to interact with your baby.  Make the most of it, and most importantly listen to your significant other, she probably knows better.


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