How to avoid Dad-Bod

The forever struggle.

I’d like to say I developed my Dad-Bod way before becoming a dad.  So you could say I’m an over achiever.

Is Dad-Bod really a bad thing?

No.  It’s understandable that somethings fall to the wayside when a little one has arrived or even on the way.

  1. Cooking even the simplest meals around a baby’s schedule may be impossible, take out here we come
  2. Usually spend 1-2 hours at the gym after work?  That’s valuable time with the baby, and prime break time for mom.

Can you do something about it?

Yes.  Here are some helpful tips I’ve discovered, and have even helped me lose weight since our little girl arrived!

  1. Meal Calendar.  Spend a little time together, before the grocery store and plan out your meals for the week.  
  2. Cook in advance.  You may notice on Sundays when you are both home you have a little extra time.  Go ahead and cook up Wednesday’s casserole and freeze it. So all you have to do is bake it when the time comes. My wife cooked up 15 to 20 meals pre baby as well. This helped us tremendously.
  3. Buy less snacks.  May be the most obvious comment in the world, but it’s the truth.  The less snack food you have around, the less you’ll eat. You’d also be surprised how much money this can save.
  4. Invest a little in some home workout gear.  I personally own one yoga mat and two 25 pound dumbbells. (we also have an elliptical for my wife) I DO NOT HAVE A GYM MEMBERSHIP.  That last bit is very important.  I am lucky to get 30 minutes to break off and get some exercise being able to walk downstairs and start immediately, takes away any setup/commute time and pretty much all my excuses.
  5. Convince your wife to get fit with you.  This one can be touchy, especially postpartum.  Depending on her recovery, she may not be ready anytime soon, so don’t push the idea.  However, 3-4 months down the road, it can be a great tactic to get in shape. Eating healthy and working out is remarkably easier when the whole house participates.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in trying things my way, below are the two things I recommend most for your home workouts.  A set of dumbbells and a yoga mat.



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