Professional Photos, Are they worth it?

As a man, expecting father, or full out dad, you may be wondering why your wife/significant other always wants to get pictures done, and is it worth it?

Well, the short answer is yes.


I’m a complainer, I complain about things before my brain even has time to process the information.  Which means, every time my wife mentioned getting pictures done, I complained.

Do we really need them?  Can we afford them?  Didn’t we just get pictures done?

Luckily my wife chooses to love me anyway, but hey I’m lucky.

At the end of every photo session I’m still a little hesitant on the whole ordeal.  I can’t believe I’m paying someone every time we want decent photos.

Then we wait.

2-4 weeks later we get some mail, with either a USB flash drive, or disc with pictures on it.

We sit down as a family to view the photos, she so desperately wanted.

Then it happens.


All the doubt I had, all the complaining I did, is nowhere on my mind.  The pictures are amazing, my wife is elated, and we have lasting memories that we are proud to share with our family and friends.

She spends a good part of the day picking her favorites, (you’ll join in to, I promise) posting them online, and sending text to her mom and friends.  This enough is alone to make the whole process worth it, but the fact you get to keep these photos forever, really seals the deal.

I also understand that professional photos aren’t always in the budget.  So, if that’s the case, still make sure to take time to get photos of the whole family, whether you invite a friend over, or use a timer on your phone, it’ still important to document your lives together.


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