5 Items to Buy Your Pregnant Wife

If you’ve made it to this post, Congrats.  A loved one is carrying new life and you are trying to ease the process.  My wife wanted many things during her pregnancy; food, a new house, 20 new puppies, clothes, pretty much anything you can think of that has ever crossed a woman’s mind.  However, below I have laid out the 5 things that I purchased for my wife, or we purchased together that are easily obtainable and seemed to make her the happiest.


  • The Snoogle.

You may not know what a Snoogle is, but I promise you she does.  A Snoogle is classified as a “pregnancy pillow”. Basically, a full-sized body pillow that wraps around your body.  My wife wanted one because she wasn’t sleeping well and a friend mentioned it had helped. We ordered a Snoogle from Amazon and wow.  She started sleeping full nights (minus pee breaks) and was more comfortable than ever. Full disclosure, I hated it. It takes up a good chunk of the bed, and you may feel left out.  However, the comfort it provides for a pregnant woman is unparalleled. I even took some naps with it and it’s awesome. Getting my wife to stop using it post pregnancy was a bit of a struggle.  I highly recommend this product.

  • An outfit for Baby

This one may seem out of place, or even a little too simple.  Hear me out. My wife told me she was pregnant, and I was very excited.  However, I am not an over the top emotion expresser. I can write things down or plan things out, but in the moment my face never shows what I’m feeling.  A month or so after finding out that my wife was pregnant I took some time to go to the store and find an outfit for our new baby. My wife was so excited, she said that me taking the time and showing her the outfit and how proud I was to have picked it myself really changed things.  It made her feel like we were on the same page, like I understood what was to come, and that I was just as excited as she was. This is such a simple gesture, but I don’t think you should skip it.


  • Food, Food, and more food.

This one is obviously no secret. I have some slight variations to the normal.  Cravings are real, so be prepared. If she decides that she likes cherries out of nowhere just go and get them.  She may not like them tomorrow, so get them now because tomorrow she will be disappointed she missed out. If it’s a night out, let her pick the restaurant.  The key here is to not be like me, and sigh when she picks somewhere you don’t like, or picks the same restaurant for the 4th time in a row.  She is doing a lot of work, just let her pick.  Keep the ingredients of a few of her favorite snacks/meals around the house.  If she asks for a grilled cheese at midnight, don’t get caught in a “let me run to the store” situation for items you could have had laying around.  Obviously if it’s a random craving, you are out of luck, get to the store. Overall, you know your loved one better than anyone, just try to be prepared for her food related needs.


  • Hair Appointment.

Not a whole lot to this one.  Pregnancy makes women feel less beautiful.  It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them otherwise.  They tend to feel like you no longer see them as a partner and only just a mom.  In my experience, even pre-pregnancy, nothing made my wife feel better about herself than have her hair done.  Getting it cut, styled and colored. The whole package. This brightened my wife’s day, everyday for weeks. I don’t think you’ll regret getting her an appointment for her hair.

PSA: Please check with your doctor, our doctor recommended avoiding dying your hair during your first trimester of pregnancy, so always be safe and keep the little one in mind!


  • Comfortable Shoes/Slippers

Her feet hurt.  Whether she complains about it or not, or it just hasn’t happened yet, it will.  I bought my wife two pairs of shoes. One was more of a slipper for inside the house, so she could put them on as she pleased.  The others were a slip-on pair of shoes for outdoors. My main goals were to get her comfortable shoes that were easy to put on.  Have you seen a 8 months pregnant lady try to tie her shoes? Well I have, and while it may be slightly amusing to you, its devastating to them.  You can get either of these shoes for 40 bucks or less, and I promise she will be grateful. These can also wait until a little further in the pregnancy, some women experience swelling in the feet.  It may not go over well if you buy her a nice new pair of comfy shoes and her new pregnancy feet won’t fit in them. I have linked a few that I believe would be worth it.

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