How to Ace his first Father’s Day

If you have a new little one, then you also have a Father’s Day to celebrate!

Father’s days seems to fall to the wayside a little, in comparison to Mother’s Day and that’s ok.  However, I believe it should be recognized even if in a small way. Here are some things I personally am hoping for on my First Father’s Day.


  • I want to spend time with my child.

For some reason when you search for “things to do on Father’s Day” or “Gifts for Father’s Day”, you see a lot of things recommending a “day away”.  They recommend sporting events, or fishing trips, or really anything to get away. While I would obviously appreciate the gesture, I don’t’ think it would feel right, to not spend it with my child.  If you are going to plan an event, try to make sure it is kid friendly, and even maybe take a little extra care of the child wherever you go so the Father can be a little more immersed in whatever you are doing.  It’ll be more enjoyable for him to have you and your baby there.


  • The classic homemade gift

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting a homemade gift.  Something about that little bit cheesy gift that was “made by your child” gets me excited.  Not only is nice to have because it feels like your child appreciates you, but it’s also nice to get the recognition from your Loved one who took the time to make something on behalf of your child.  This could be anything, and I think most new dads (whether they show it or not) will appreciate it greatly.


  • Gift Ideas

This obviously varies greatly from Father to Father.  I’ll link a few things I had mentioned to my wife below as well.  My recommendation is to not go overboard. Get something smaller, and specific.  For instance, we need a new hose for the back yard, so we can wash our cars. To me that signifies a perfect Father’s Day gift.  What’s more fatherly than washing your own car out back. I told her to hold off on the mid-calf all white socks for a few years, but I think you get the idea.  That hose would run her 20-40 dollars, it’s practical and I have specifically mentioned it to her. The other idea I mentioned to her, that I (sadly) got excited about, was a surge protection tower.  I work in IT and have a ton of electronics all over my home. I recently stumbled across a surge protector tower with 10 outlets and 4 USB ports as well. Being the tech person, it seemed very cool, and it also only cost 25 bucks.  Obviously, these aren’t perfect for everyone, but the idea is something smaller, that he would appreciate and use practically.

  • Activities

I’d like to think everyone has a few things to do or places they want to go that can involve your kid.  Let him pick a restaurant, maybe one that you would normally say no to. Take a short family fishing trip (be wary, Father’s Day will make most public fishing places very crowded).  Go to his favorite store, or even plan something to do at home. My wife and I recently built a bench as sort of our first DIY project. It was very fun, so that is a good way to spend a day as well, just find some plans online and if you have the means, go ahead and buy the lumber/supplies needed!

Overall Father’s Day is just a day to celebrate the father in your life.  The day doesn’t need to include anything extravagant. Just try to plan a day, or even just a few hours you know he will enjoy.  Watch him enjoy the day and look back at you and your child and realize how lucky he is. It can be hard to make time for yourself after the baby is born and getting that little time to relax and enjoy something he may be missing since the baby’s arrival, could make all the difference.  Knowing those activities or little joys in life, haven’t been completely replaced by your new child, they are still there and only made better by having a family to enjoy them with.

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