Tips For a Successful First Trick or Treat

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The First Trick or Treat

You may be wondering if it’s a good idea or not to take your little one trick or treating in their first year of life.  Don’t worry it’s a common thought, and one that varies widely in opinion.  After doing some research here’s what we will be doing, and what we thought fits best for our situation, and hopefully most people with a baby under 1 year of age.

The General Consensus

During my research the main thing I came across commonly was, if your child is unable to eat the candy, you shouldn’t be asking for it.  This was the most common, but easily the most argued statement I found.  There are two sides to this argument.

  1. You shouldn’t expect people to give you candy knowing it isn’t going to the kid, you might as well be an adult with no costume going door to door, the baby doesn’t change that.
  2. It’s part of the fun, people enjoy seeing babies and won’t care that you are taking a little candy for yourself.

I don’t believe I personally lean 100% either way, but we don’t want to skip any tradition or holiday that is going to qualify as “babies first”.

Our Plan

Here are a few things we came up with that we are going to do on Trick or Treat night to get the most out of the experience for our daughter and for us.

Phase 1.

Dress our daughter the cutest possible costume we can find and take more photos of her than anyone has ever needed of anything.

Phase 2.

Drive to a few family members or friends houses that we know are home and giving out candy and go to the door and do the full trick or treating experience.  We are thinking 3 or

4 houses should be enough to soak it all in, and friends and family are always happy to see our daughter.

Phase 3.

Walk around the block (or two) and let our daughter look around and see all the costumes, but don’t approach any houses, so this means no candy bucket or intentions of asking for candy.

Phase 4.

Either stay at one of the above houses and hand out candy, so that every visitor gets to see our daughter in her adorable costume or go home and hand out candy there.  Most importantly you get to show off your little one!

That is our overall plan for Trick or Treat night.

We believe this plan hits a “best of both worlds” scenario.  We only ask for candy from friends and family who we know won’t mind, so we still get the experience, we cover enough ground, so our daughter can soak all the new sights and experiences in, and once again we show her off to everyone we see.


Obviously, there is always going to be alternate scenarios that change the way you view the whole trick or treating day.  For instance, if you have other children of the appropriate age to trick or treat, then I say go for it!  Let your new baby experience it with their siblings.  I’m sure your older children will be excited to share the evening with their new addition as well.

I have also read plenty of articles the suggest hosting your own party instead of trick or treating, so that you can keep your baby in her comfort zone and avoid any worries or hassle of the evening.  I personally don’t love this idea, because it takes away from the whole point of the day.  Trick or treating is one of the few community events that happen anymore, and I think it’s a good thing.  Also, if you are hosting a party you are making people choose between trick or treating or your party, and I don’t believe that is fair to anyone.  If you want to host a party, go for it.  I would just suggest you have the party on a different night so that anyone who wants to come can choose to attend your party, without the negative of giving up trick or treat night.

Final Thoughts

Let me start by saying, do what is best for your family.  If your wife loves trick or treating and won’t entertain the thought of not going door to door, then just go for it!  A few dirty looks are not going to hurt anyone.  If you just want to stay home and hand out candy, that’s fine too.  Mainly, it depends on how you view the day, and most likely how your baby is feeling.  We all know forcing a grumpy baby to be around people isn’t fun.  We also know that missing out on anything that could be considered “babies’ first” can bring up some regret in the future.  Decide and stick to it.  I have laid out to the best of my ability, the easiest way to enjoy the day, and not miss out on any of the experience.  Feel free to follow my guide and let me know if it was helpful to you!

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Thanks for reading!

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