First Year of Fatherhood

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  • Baby is only 2 months away.
  • Doctors’ appointments
  • House prep
  • Lose weight


  • Same as January just more anxiety.


  • Down 26 pounds!  
  • Daughter is born
  • Fatherhood rollercoaster begins


  • Work
  • Baby snuggles


  • Baby interaction picks up
  • She laughs smiles giggles and screams


  • Whole life is nothing but baby now
  • My weight gain begins


  • Daughter is rolling around, becoming more and more fun each day


  • Rolling over, and trying to crawl!


  • Daughter’s on the move!
  • Army Crawling is the way to go!


  • Teeth
  • Everything is a mountain, put on your climbing boots


  • Weight gain going strong for me
  • Daughter is extremely mobile, and is still scared to walk


  • Holidays
  • Big crowds
  • Daughter is crushing it.
  • Enjoying all her new foods, new toys, and figuring out the things she is capable of.

Sure, I can try to break it down into simple statements per month, but honestly… 2018 has been the craziest year of my life.  It’s been the most rewarding year, and my hardest year. Many people won’t admit it, but we struggled financially most of the year.  Between hospital bills and my wife transitioning to stay at home mom, we had to sacrifice a lot. Less eating out, less entertainment, more grocery budgets, no gym memberships, smaller gifts for birthdays and holidays.  Anywhere we could cut cost we tried to do so. It may seem like I’m complaining, and I’m sure at first, I was.

It’s the little things that kept me going.  The look of relief on my wife’s face the day we decided she should stay home.  The fact my daughter is being cared for by the best woman I know every single day.  She never misses a moment of our daughters’ life and that is a wonderful gift. I may not be able to get a new car or go golfing every month, but my family is happy.  

My family is thriving.  

The sacrifice that seemed so high, and maybe even not worth it at the beginning has become obsolete.  Knowing my daughter is safe, knowing my wife is happy, and knowing that I can provide that is an amazing feeling.  From the outside looking in, it may seem like we don’t have much. However, if you could get even a glimpse of what we have on the inside, I’m sure you would change your mind.  We have an abundance, of joy, of happiness, and of love.

I’d love to make more money (who wouldn’t)

Maybe lose a little weight (Yes, I’m using my daughter as an excuse)

Overall, 2018 Gave me a foundation, of what I want my life to look like.

There is no going back, here’s to 2019.

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