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Curious what you should put in your hospital bag as a newly expectant father? Well, heres what I brought, plus a few extras.  Good Luck!


No one wants to go without deodorant, or brushing their teeth, especially when you will be getting visitors and meeting your little one for the first time.  Make sure to pack deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, mini shampoo/conditioner, and contacts if needed.  I also packed my wife’s makeup in my bag, because she was out of room.  Your bag is her bag.

Pain medication for him, not her

Bring any sort of pain medication for yourself.  I always use Aleve, but whatever you use will work.  Remember, during this process you are not a patient.  The hospital is unlikely to provide you with any sort of medicine for a headache, that will most likely occur due to stress or lack of sleep.  I unfortunately forgot my medicine, luckily my mother and her purse of wonders was in the lobby and was prepared for anything.

Cellphone charger

Most people don’t go anywhere without their cell phone, but usually you don’t need a charger with you because you know you’ll be home to plug it back in.  The minimum hospital trip is 24 hours when having a baby, so you most likely will need a charger.  Using your phone for music, or to just pass the time will cause it to lose battery even quicker.  This is a must have.

Warm clothes /Hoodie

Our hospital room felt like it was about to snow.  While I’m sure my wife in strenuous labor appreciated it, it wasn’t ideal for the 8ish hours we sat around waiting for the action to happen.  I wore a sweatshirt to the hospital and never had a reason to take it off.


This falls in line with the above section, about the rooms you stay in being very cold.  However, this is also crucial when you are trying to get some sleep, and any bit of comfort can help.  Between the adrenaline, the uncomfortable recliner, the constant in and out of nurses.  Sleeping can be rough, so if a blanked can make you pass out faster, then it’s worth it.

Clothes/Nice clothes if doing pictures

Obviously, a change of clothes would be a good idea, because you will be there at least one night.  They key here is to bring specific clothing.  I brought a zip up sweatshirt, so I could do skin to skin with our newborn.  I brought a nice outfit, in case we did pictures before leaving.  I also brought a second set of comfortable clothes for the next day.

Push Present

Push Presents are somewhat of a new trend.  They are basically gifts rewarding/thanking your wife for the pain she has been through, and for providing you with the gift of a child.  These are commonly jewelry but can be whatever you want.  If it’s something small like jewelry feel free to bring it with you and surprise your wife.  However, if it’s something larger, I’d recommended waiting until you arrive home.  For instance, my wife wanted an Instant Pot, and I’m not sure that would be very welcomed or discreet in a hospital setting.

Real shoes/ Not sandals

Bringing closed toe shoes is important.  Not only is it very cold, you also do a lot of walking while in the hospital.  Whether it’s inducing labor or pacing or just standing around.  You are on your feet a lot.  Also, if your wife is having a C-Section, you must have proper shoes to be in the operating room, sandals/flip-flops are not typically allowed.

Chap stick

Bring Chapstick for you wife.  Pretty simple, at some point she is going to want it, you can be her hero for something very small.  It’s worth it.


Bring snacks.  Bring something that you can eat discreetly in the hallway or quickly if possible.  Your wife will be unable to eat once labor has started.  You may not want to eat in front of her.  If this is the case bring something quick and easy.  If your wife doesn’t mind you eating in front of her, then try to bring a “you” snack, aka something she doesn’t particularly like anyway.  If you are feeling extra loving, you can sneak in one of her favorite foods and surprise her with it once baby is born.  She will be hungry, and depending on the time of day, there may not be any options for a while.  I luckily had family members on stand by with Steak ‘N’ Shake so she could eat ASAP.


Everyone recommends bringing cash, but it’s too important to leave off the list.  If you forget any of the above items, there is a place in the hospital to buy most of it.  Vending machines for food/drinks, and even medicine.  Gift shop for clothes, chap stick, charges, and blankets.  While it’s not ideal to pay the prices you will see, being prepared with cash in hand, makes it easier to make the purchase.  Everything will seem urgent during this process so be prepared.

Be Prepared!

Most importantly you just need to be prepared.  Delivery day is hectic enough without thinking about what you need.  Have your bag packed well in advance. I’d recommend around the 32-week mark.  Take your bag to all appointments after that point because you never know!  There are many reasons a doctor might induce a pregnancy after the 32 week mark and you don’t want having your bag with you to be one of the worries.

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