Ivy and I

Who I am

My name is Kyle, and I'm a husband and a father. I created this site to share the experiences I go through with my children, and the things I've learned up to this point.

Moral Standing

Here at DadTypical we are all about Family. Everything I do is for my wife and children. It doesn't matter the circumstance, family comes first.

Honest Tips

We promise that everything you see on our site is what we believe to be the truth. These are the experiences we have been through, and the conclusions we have drawn from them. We are not trying to embellish our stories, just trying to help others in similar situations.

Enjoy the Content!

Most of all, we made this website for you. We hope that you enjoy what you read or can at least relate to it in someway. We know not everyone is the same, and this is our way to make you feel more comfortable.