Starting a Business as a New Parent Brings Rewards

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Starting a business when you are also welcoming a baby may seem like too many newborns at once. However, the timing may be just right. Although all your plans may not always go as you expect, you can create a successful company as a new parent. Babies are excellent motivators to creating long-term fiscal health. Parents often seek a career … Read More

Dads Paternity Leave

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Paternity leave comes sparingly at most places of employment in the U.S.  A lucky new father can get up to two weeks, in my employment experience that is on the high end unfortunately.  I took a week’s off in total.  My wife went into labor on a Monday and I went into work the following Monday.  I used precious vacation … Read More

How Blogging Made Me a Better Parent

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There are many things that influence the way we parent. Past experiences, advice from others, internet research, and especially our own upbringing. However, I have noticed in many ways that my blog has affected the way I look at being a parent. It puts pressure on myself and my wife to look at our actions under a magnifying glass, but … Read More

Top 5 Most Over Rated Baby Products

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Filling out your registry can be an exciting time!  The possibilities are endless, and you end up in the baby aisle of every store you pass while waiting for your little one to arrive.  However, we have compiled a list of products that you can leave off the registry, or maybe keep out of the cart on your next shopping … Read More

The First Date Night After Baby

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With valentine’s day coming up, it seems fitting to discuss the first “real” date night after baby arrives. When Should Date Night Be? Short answer, as soon as she is ready.  Many women don’t want to or aren’t able to get around for weeks after having a baby, some even months.  So, don’t rush it, (unless she is).  Once they … Read More