Dad’s Guide to Doctor Appointments

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So, your wife is pregnant. She’s excited, you’re excited, and you have good reason to be. One of the biggest things people struggle with, or at least I did, was whether I needed to be at the baby appointments. We went back and forth for a while, trying to decide. Can I get work off? Do I need to be … Read More

How to Ace his first Father’s Day

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If you have a new little one, then you also have a Father’s Day to celebrate! Father’s days seems to fall to the wayside a little, in comparison to Mother’s Day and that’s ok.  However, I believe it should be recognized even if in a small way. Here are some things I personally am hoping for on my First Father’s … Read More

A letter to my Dad

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Well, Time to get real. My biggest fear in becoming a father, was becoming MY father. I’m sure people out there had it worse than me, but man… it was rough. My dad was a floater, he would disappear for months, even years while I was growing up, then show up out of nowhere and act like the Hero.  Unfortunately, … Read More

Interacting with Baby (6 Weeks)

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Interacting with baby is a new experience at all times, here is how my typical day goes. I get home from work at 3:40 P.M. almost every day.  Coincidentally my daughter starts screaming at 3:45 P.M. Every. Day. Many men, including myself came to believe they were causing this sudden uproar or that their child didn’t like them.  However, you … Read More

Day 1: I’m a Dad!

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Huh, what a feeling.  Today I became a father and I am thrilled.  Can’t really explain the emotion, it’s overwhelmingly positive with just a hint of terror.  Being responsible for such a small human, my human, is a scary thought. Plus, you do it with no sleep!  Every hour or so the come poke and prod at my wife, my … Read More

Day Zero: We’re having a Baby!!!

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PSA: I’m going to describe the experience from my end, and sure it may sound rough and tiring.  Just remember your partner is experiencing something far worse, and they need you.   The first tip I can give you is to be prepared.  My wife and I took our hospital bags to every appointment the last 4 weeks of her pregnancy, … Read More