Dad’s Hospital Bag

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Curious what you should put in your hospital bag as a newly expectant father? Well, heres what I brought, plus a few extras.  Good Luck! Toiletries No one wants to go without deodorant, or brushing their teeth, especially when you will be getting visitors and meeting your little one for the first time.  Make sure to pack deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, … Read More

Baby Advice You Can Ignore

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The most common complaint that I seem to hear from new parents is about all the advice they receive.  While most are trying to be helpful, all the advice can be overwhelming, and even lead to you doubting yourself as a parent.  This is especially true when coming from family.  They know you well, and often, believe they know best.  … Read More

Dad’s Guide to Doctor Appointments

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So, your wife is pregnant. She’s excited, you’re excited, and you have good reason to be. One of the biggest things people struggle with, or at least I did, was whether I needed to be at the baby appointments. We went back and forth for a while, trying to decide. Can I get work off? Do I need to be … Read More

5 Items to Buy Your Pregnant Wife

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If you’ve made it to this post, Congrats.  A loved one is carrying new life and you are trying to ease the process.  My wife wanted many things during her pregnancy; food, a new house, 20 new puppies, clothes, pretty much anything you can think of that has ever crossed a woman’s mind.  However, below I have laid out the … Read More