How Blogging Made Me a Better Parent

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There are many things that influence the way we parent. Past experiences, advice from others, internet research, and especially our own upbringing. However, I have noticed in many ways that my blog has affected the way I look at being a parent. It puts pressure on myself and my wife to look at our actions under a magnifying glass, but … Read More

A letter to my Dad

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Well, Time to get real. My biggest fear in becoming a father, was becoming MY father. I’m sure people out there had it worse than me, but man… it was rough. My dad was a floater, he would disappear for months, even years while I was growing up, then show up out of nowhere and act like the Hero.  Unfortunately, … Read More

Professional Photos, Are they worth it?

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As a man, expecting father, or full out dad, you may be wondering why your wife/significant other always wants to get pictures done, and is it worth it? Well, the short answer is yes.   I’m a complainer, I complain about things before my brain even has time to process the information.  Which means, every time my wife mentioned getting … Read More

How to avoid Dad-Bod

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The forever struggle. I’d like to say I developed my Dad-Bod way before becoming a dad.  So you could say I’m an over achiever. Is Dad-Bod really a bad thing? No.  It’s understandable that somethings fall to the wayside when a little one has arrived or even on the way. Cooking even the simplest meals around a baby’s schedule may … Read More

Day 1: I’m a Dad!

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Huh, what a feeling.  Today I became a father and I am thrilled.  Can’t really explain the emotion, it’s overwhelmingly positive with just a hint of terror.  Being responsible for such a small human, my human, is a scary thought. Plus, you do it with no sleep!  Every hour or so the come poke and prod at my wife, my … Read More