First Year of Fatherhood

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January Baby is only 2 months away. Doctors’ appointments House prep Lose weight February Same as January just more anxiety. March Down 26 pounds!   Daughter is born Fatherhood rollercoaster begins April Work Baby snuggles May Baby interaction picks up She laughs smiles giggles and screams June Whole life is nothing but baby now My weight gain begins July Daughter … Read More

Baby Advice You Can Ignore

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The most common complaint that I seem to hear from new parents is about all the advice they receive.  While most are trying to be helpful, all the advice can be overwhelming, and even lead to you doubting yourself as a parent.  This is especially true when coming from family.  They know you well, and often, believe they know best.  … Read More

Tips For a Successful First Trick or Treat

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The First Trick or Treat You may be wondering if it’s a good idea or not to take your little one trick or treating in their first year of life.  Don’t worry it’s a common thought, and one that varies widely in opinion.  After doing some research here’s what we will be doing, and what we thought fits best for … Read More

Choosing the best Baby Monitor

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A baby monitor is a very important purchase when you are getting ready for your newborn to arrive.  The peace of mind a monitor can provide is invaluable.  However, not all baby monitors are created equal.  There are monitors that are only sound, some with video, and some with two-way voice.  They come in many shapes, sizes, and prices.  I … Read More

My Wife Isn’t Who I Married

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I love my wife with everything that I have.  If I said she was the same person I married, I’d be lying.  To say things haven’t changed between us would be crazy.  You see… my wife became a mom.  That doesn’t mean she is a mom during daytime hours and wife the rest of the time.  She is a mom … Read More

Best Products for your Newborn Baby

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The world has literally thousands of gadgets and devices that are supposed to make caring for your newborn “easier”.  While no one is saying this process is easy, it’s nice to have some help along the way.  My wife and I recently experienced the newborn stage for the first time, and we put together a list of the things we … Read More